All Day Orca Play begins at SeaWorld San Diego March 18


SeaWorld San Diego closed their One Ocean show back in January. This summer, guests will get to experience Orca Encounter, and get closer to the animals than ever before. Not only will there be a new show, but also a great new VR experience that will put you face to fin with the parks beloved Killer Whales.
However, before the show premieres this summer, SeaWorld San Diego wants you to know that the whales are still there, and you can still get up close and personal with them. Beginning on March 18th, guests at SeaWorld San Diego will get to experience “All Day Orca Play”. This is an unprecedented new move at the park that will bring different whales out periodically through the day. It’s the first time that the park has produced a non-stop series featuring the animals. 
Guests will be able to talk with trainers, and educators, see behaviors and meet each member of the SeaWorld Orca family. You will see insight into the care of the animals and comprehensive knowledge about the whales that has never been available in a public setting before.

All the fun begins on March 18th, amd will run for the next few weeks.
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