American Horror Story returning to Halloween Horror Nights 27!


Maniacs, murderers and mavens are back at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando for 2017! The franchise continues to be a massive hit with fans of the show, and the house was considered to be one of the best of HHN 26 in 2016.

This year fans will venture through seasons 2,3 and 6.  Guests will come face to face with Bloody Face in the notoriously deadly Briarcliff Asylum. They’ll then venture through the streets of New Orleams where the Salem witches wait for you. Will you make a deal with Legba? Do you have a soul to deal with?

Finally guests will visit Ronoake and face Piggy as well as the Polk Family and the ghosts of the blood moon.
Last year guests had the chance to go through the Murder House, run in the Freak Show and coke face to face with the Dutchess in Hotel.

The house was an amazing tribute to the show, and had an insane level of detail. We’ll probably see the same level this year as American Horror Story returns!

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