Deadpool 2 yells “DOMINO!”


Deadpool 2 is moving forward very fast, especially after the success of the first film and the success of this past weekends Logan. Deadpool 2 will introduce a slew of new characters, including the time travelling Cable and also Domino. If you’re not familiar with Domino, she’s basically always lucky. That’s her mutant power…actually that’s oversimplifying it a bit. She manipulates probability, making her seem always lucky. She can pretty much control all the possible outcomes of any situation, so her luck is self-made. To say she’s a badass is an understatement. Today, we finally know who’s going to play her in Deadpool 2.



Zassie Beetz is best known for her role in the show Atlanta, but she’s been in several different shows. This will be her first major starring role, and it’s bound to be insane.

The part of Cable has yet to be cast, though rumors have David Harbour (Hopper in Stranger Things) Pierce Brosnan, and even Russell Crowe vying for the part. We’ll have to see. With Cable and Deadpool already sure to show up in the sequel, X-Force will start filming soon after the filming for Deadpool 2 is complete. Could we also see a Six Pack movie, since we have Cable, and Domino? We could also see Grizzly show up at some point as well.

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