Disneyland Puts an End to Camping for Parade Spots


In a recent bit of news, various sources have confirmed that Disneyland is going to (if not already) implement a plan that will no longer allow guests saving spots or camping to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade.

For over 20 years the rules have been pretty lenient and served as a first come, first serve type basis when it comes to camping for parades and night times shows. Though in recent years, with the reintroduction of Nighttime Parades, Paint the Night and new the Main Street Electrical Parade, campers have become such a problem causing the pathways and Main Street USA, to be filled sometimes hours before the parade starts.

The current rumored new change will be that – no guests can wait or save spots for a parade at any point on the route until the cast members have finished roping off, and setting up all the designated viewing areas, and guest control cast members are in place, which seems more than fair. Also, when they do open the viewing areas, be prepared to have your entire party with you at the time.  Though this subject is already starting a strong debate among the community, most seem for the change, other seem against it as it takes away from part of the Disneyland experience (…Camping for parades that is). We personally think it’s a positive change that will encourage guests to further experience the park. Though it’ll be rough transition for the public. In the grand scheme of things, safe aisle-ways in an already dense park are always an important priority and the safety of guests should always come first.

As of right now this change only effects the Main Street Electrical Parade. It’s still a free for all for the Fireworks, and still unknown what will happen when Fantasmic returns this summer.

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