Guardians of the Galaxy unleashes new poster and trailer on Jimmy Kimmel!



Guardians of the Galaxy unleashed an all new, very fitting poster. The attitude of the new film is making it one of the most anticipated of the year so far. In it, we’ll see the return of the galaxy’s favorite A-holes, and the addition of a few others like Mantis, and Kurt Russell as Ego the Living Planet.


The new poster and trailer made it’s debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, and is right on line with what we’ve seen so far.


The trailer continues to pull some amazing moments by Dave Bautista, who will most likely be the unexpected piece of this film. His Drax the Destroyer is going from a mindless, thesaurus to a very interesting and funny character. While he was a great part of the original film, he seems to shine in the new trailers with renewed development.

We also get a great first look at Kurt Russell as Star Lord’s dad. His character is being called “Ego the Living Planet”, so we’ll have to see exactly what kind of role he plays, and hopefully we’ll get an answer to how Quill’s mom and him met. I’m interested in that whole “pure light” aspect that she talked about in the first film.

The new movie will also spawn a brand new ride at Disney’s California Adventure at the end of May, as Disney will unleash Mission: Breakout, based on the film series, and using The Tower of Terror attraction as the basis for the new attraction.

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