It’s Universal weaves a legend to create Volcano Bay


There’s a place, or at least there will be, where the earth, the sky and the sea unite. Here is a paradise where water is life. Life is joy. This is what guests will come to know as Volcano Bay. But how did Volcano Bay come to life? 

Long ago the fiery god, Krakatau ruled over all. He was a dominant force in the land, but for all his dominance and fierceness, he could not control the adventurous spirit of his daughter, Tai Nui. For every bit that Krakatau pushed to bring his daughter down to earth, she would resist and want to venture on her own and do what she wanted. Then, one day, Tai Nui met a young native name Kala. Despite what her father had said, Tai Nui fell in love. Krakatau, being a god of furiosity and fire, and a bit of magic banished Kala from the earth, and instead forced him to wait in excile above. There, Kala became the moon so that he could forever watch down on his beloved Tai Nui. When she learned of the punishment that Krakatau had given, Tai Nui began to cry. She cried so much that her tears actually became the ocean. When he saw what sadness he brought to his daughter, Krakatau realized he destroyed what truly mattered, his daughters heart. However, it was too late. Kala was in the sky forever. To bring them together, Krakatau drew the earth from the sea and pushed it towards the sky, forming a giant Volcano. In it, he pushed down his anger and jealousy, forming the spirit Vol. 

This is the story of Volcano Bay, and one of the many details that Universal Creative put into the new park. So where do guests fit into this story?
That begins with the Waturi people. For years they traveled the ocean in search of a multi finned fish called Kunuku. Kunuku was to show them to their home. After searching all corners of the ocean, and finding many adventures, they came to the edge of the world. There they found the Kunuku playing in the waves, waiting for them. Kunuku guided them to a place where the sky, sea and earth united in a paradise. This was Volcano Bay. It was the kindness and generosity of Kunuku that guided them to this paradise, so to repay it they welcome travelers from all over the globe to join them at Volcano Bay.
Universal has built all their attractions on amazing stories, and Volcano Bay is no different. Guests will get to interact with the Waturi, and use TapuTapu to find and speak with Vol, the Volcano spirit. We can’t wait to see the story of Volcano Bay come to life!

Volcano Bay opens on May 25th. Three day tickets and vacation packs ages are now on sale!
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