Jimmy Fallon Virtual Line reservations now available on the Universal Orlando App


Jimmy Fallon’s Race Through New York opens April 6th at Universal Studios Florida. While the ride is a zany 3D simulator, much in the vein of Minion Mayhem, what is groundbreaking about the attraction is the line you wait in. The groundbreaking thing? There is none!

Instead, guests will queue up virtually using in park kiosks and the Universal Orlando App. It’s simple, you make a ride time reservation, then go about your day. When the time comes to ride you simply walk in and ride…with a much smaller wait. 

We spoke with Universal Creatives Jason Surrell, and Universal is definitely using Fallon as the first step in taking the rest of the industry in the direction of no lines.
Watch-Jason Surrell talks Jimmy Fallon and the no line experience 

While the virtual wait has not been available for the past week of technical rehearsals, it is now. 

Guests in the park can download the Universal Orlando app, available on both iPhone and Android, and reserve their ride time. The reservation system only works if you are physically in the park.
We are interested to see how the new system works, but Universal Orlando is putting a lot on the new system. Volcano Bay, which opens in May, will also use the virtual line system. Eventually it seems, Universal is looking at making all of their attractions without a line, instead adding in line entertainment.
Are you going to try the new system? Let us know how it works!

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