MIT creates Iron Man fan film using new female Iron Man


Riri Williams is a genius. She’s a student at MIT, and made an Iron Man suit using materials from the school. She even got the endorsement from Tony Stark to be the next Ironman, and thus Ironheart was born.

Now MIT has taken their alumni (albeit fictional) and made a fan film for their annual admittance release. Now, you can see Riri Williams actually fly.

The film is an annual tradition, made by students of MIT. This year the film takes on a Marvel spin and shows that race, and color are not barriers…anyone can be super. 

The video is a way of letting prospective students know when they will be getting the famous MIT Tube. Students who are accepted get a metal tube filled with all sorts of admission information. 

Still, the film is a pretty solid piece of work with some very good visuals. We hope this could make Marvel aware of the following behind Riri and urge them to take Iron Man in this direction when Robert Downey inevitably retires.

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