More Star Wars land concept art is unveiled, as Disneyland ramps up construction on the new project


Star Wars Land is scheduled to be heading towards are galaxy in 2019, and construction is happening at light speed in California. Last week, Disney released a few more pieces of concept art during it’s annual investors meeting. The art shows some new spots, btu really doesn’t reveal too terribly much. The top piece looks like it could be the beginning of the queue for the Millennium Falcon attraction. It does show what looks like a Rebel Base, and an X-Wing sitting off to the left. If that’s the level of detail we can expect to see, then color me impressed.


We also get a look at some stormtrooper, and what looks like an imperial ship. nothing majorly new here, but you have to think that this is for the new First Order ride. Again, not a lot to go on here, just some cool looking new concept art.

However, over at Disneyland, construction is happening and happening fast as building structures and some details are starting to form. The video below showcases some of the construction happening.

Disney confirms that one of the two new signature attractions will have you come fave to face with AT-AT vehicles on the ride!

Disney even goes a step further and animates the walkers, just in case you weren’t sure.

Add this in with the rumors of seeing working lightsabers in the attraction, as well as stopping and possibly fleeing from the First Order. 2019 simply can’t get here soon enough!

What looks like AT-AT’s can be seen on the ground. There was no concept art for it, so could this be something that’s in the ride? As it turns out…YES!
The tweet below shows off those same AT-AT’s being constructed in the ride building itself.

You can clearly see the framework of the AT-AT’s in the building. Yes, it looks like as we’re being chased by the First Order, we will experience some larger firepower.

Meanwhile construction in Orlando is going a little slower, but Disney assures us that both attractions will open in 2019.

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