Netflix starts writing names in new Death Note trailer


Anime fans rejoice. Death Note is coming to Netflix. No, we don’t mean the anime show, but an all new movie based on the series.


The trailer definitely captures the creepy vibe, and smartly keeps the Shingami hidden. The Shingami are a race of extra-dimensional beings that kill humans to extend their own lives. The Death Note is a book that allows users to write a name down in a notebook, and have the Shingami claim it.


The series is definitely on the bizarre side, but can be truly horrifying at times. If all you had to do was write a name down in a book to get rid of someone, could you? It’s an interesting question that the show will answer. There are currently three Death Note live action movies in Japan. The Netflix movie will be the first one in the states, and could lead to even more films. look for Death Note on August 25th.



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