New Justice league posters and trailer hits


Who said the age of heroes is dead? Several all new character posters and an all new trailer for The Justice League film has hit, and it’s bringing together almost all of our heroes.

Watch: New Trailer for The Justice League

So what did you think? Personally, it feels a little too early to be seeing this much of the movie. The hype machine for Batman v Superman actually did that one in for me, and left me feeling a little let down. This one seems like more of the same, except we see a hyped up Aquaman, and a pretty cool few seconds of Commissioner Gordon played by J.K. Simmons.


Take a look at all the character posters:






Warner Bros. and DC still have a lot to prove with the DC movies, and they’re still very hit and miss. Batman v Superman was okay, Suicide Squad could have been better…the next chance they get is Wonder Woman. Will she knock it out of the park? We still have to wait until November for Justice League, and then it looks like we’re going to get a stand alone Batman movie starring Affleck, and then the second half of the Justice League. Lots of superheroes hitting the screen once you factor in all the Marvel films as well. Will it prove to be too much, finally?

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