SeaWorld Orlando’s Seven Seas Food Festival goes daily!


SeaWorld Orlando will roll on with their Seven Seas Food Festival this weekend with a new band. While we’re sure the band is great, the food is STILL amazing! We had to check back in for a second time with the Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld Orlando, because the food is simply the star of the show. We had the chance to chat with Executive Chef, Hector Colon about how everything came together, and we hung around trying things that we had missed on the first round.

With great concerts, fun stuff to look at (like classic cars), great rides and amazing food, SeaWorld Orlando has created the perfect food festival. There was just one complaint. It’s only on Saturdays!! Well, SeaWorld took care of that too.


Now you can try many of the flavors of SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival every day. There will be select booths open Sunday-Friday. Of course, the full fun happens on Saturday, with all the booths open, and the huge concerts. However, if you want to get just a little taste, you can do it daily, just in time for Spring Break. 

Featured flavors from the event will be offered daily starting March 17. Guests will continue to set sail on a taste adventure as they sip and sample their way through international street food traditions including Caribbean, Mediterranean, Brazilian and Polynesian flavors. Complete with a wide array of craft beer, wine and specialty cocktails, the Seven Seas Food Festival is the perfect culinary complement to a full day of fun at SeaWorld. 
We actually had to go back, because there was just so much that we didn’t get to try on the first round. Honestly, there’s still at least two more trips worth of food to try. Each booth has about four or five different items, so it’s nearly impossible to taste it all once. Now, if SeaWorld only had like a frequent eater program or something.


Our new favorite has to be the fried Kafiki Orange, which is deep fried and coated in honey. It has the texture of a funnel cake, and it’s so amazingly good!


One other cool thing that we noticed is that the signature chocolate wine glasses from Chocolate Kingdom are also now on sale at SeaWorld during Seven Seas. It’s a great souvenir to take home, but if you try to actually drink wine from it, we want to see how it goes!

Of course you can still check out the big headline concerts every Saturday. Here’s the remaining line up:

· ZZ Top (March 18)  


· Phillip Phillips (March 25)


· Jack Hanna (April 1)*  

*Takes place at Nautilus Theater


· Village People (April 8)


· Commodores (April 15)  


· Oscar D’León (April 22)  


· Olga Tanon (April 29)  


· Grupo Mania (May 6)


· Coming Soon (May 13)
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