Sony puts a date on Venom movie


Sony pictures announced a date for their upcoming Venom movie. Venom is a character in the Spiderman universe, and was last seen in Spiderman 3. 

The new film will be released in theaters October 5th, 2018. The news comes as the James Wan directed Aquaman movie was pushed back two months. 

Spiderman has moved back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with last years Captain America: Civil War. This year, Spiderman gets another solo film with Homecoming, where he’s teaming up with Iron Man and battling Vulture. So, where does this new Venom movie for in? Apparently, it doesn’t. Venom will exist on his own, and not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

How? We have no idea. The story of Venom begins with Spiderman, as a space mission crashes in New York after the crew becomes sick. The cause of the crash is determined to be an alien life form that attaches itself to other life forms, and becomes them. It attaches itself to Spiderman and enhances the webhead’s powers. Then it tries to take over, and of course Spiderman gets rid of it. It then attaches itself to a rival reporter who hates Peter Parker and becomes Venom.

Now there is a theory that puts upcoming space alien film, Life as a sort of prequel. Could this be how Sony gets around Spiderman? It seems doubtful, but we really can’t to see how this pans out.

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