Three new Spiderman: Homecoming posters hit



Over the past few days, Marvel has launched three new posters for their upcoming Spiderman: Homecoming. Gotta say I love the look and feel that they’re going for. Instead of showing Spidey preparing for some epic-scale battle, we see the wall crawler hanging around in the city he calls home.


Which of the three do you like best? Personally, I love the Expressway sign. Just a little different than your typical superhero poster, although we get a great glimpse of the city below it, with Avengers Tower just barely visible.

The new film hits July 7th, and we can bet we’ll see an all new trailer sometime in the next few weeks.


 Looks like we’re going to get a new trailer on Tuesday for Homecoming.

Is that a Spider tracer? Fans of the comics will definitely love to see those little nerdy bits. It’s what made Peter Parker one of the coolest of the Marvel characters, with his near genius abilities. It’s not something that previous incarnations of the character have been able to get exact. 
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