Trolls 2 sets a date at Universal and Dreamworks Animation



Universal and Dreamworks Animation has announced that a sequel to the 2016 surprise hit, Trolls will roll out on April 10th, 2020. I’ll admit, the film took me by surprise as it wasn’t as silly and fluffy as most recent Dreamworks films. It actually had a pretty great story, and amazing visuals, as well as some great music. The music is actually what sold it for me, as it wasn’t your typical kids soundtrack with poppy junk. The music choices were fitting, and sometimes a bit ironic.


The first film was distributed by Fox, and was the last film to be released before Universal acquired Dreamworks Animation. The first film did a modest $359 million, on a budget of $150 million, but it has picked up sales in home video over the past few weeks. We could also possibly see the Trolls figures in Universal Parks within the next few years, as new opportunities for those characters pop up.

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