Universal Orlando’s onsite hotels get Volcano Bay benefits


Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay is set to erupt onto the scene on May 25th this year. While we still don’t have any prices on single day tickets, or even annual pass prices yet, we do have word that Universal’s onsite hotels will have exclusive early access to the park.
Universal has five onsite hotels with Portofino Bay, Hard Rock Hotel, Royal Pacific, Cabana Bay Beach and Sapphire Falls. Each have varying levels of theme park perks. With Portofino, Hard Rock and Royal Pacific, guests get unlimited front of the line access to the park’s rides. With Sapphire Falls and Cabana Bay, guests get early access to the two Universal parks. Now it looks like all five hotels will get access to Volcano Bay as well, as guests will be able to access the park up to an hour earlier than regular guests. It would be amazing if the resort would extend this to extra hours at night, as well, seeing that Florida summers can be brutally hot during the day.

With just under two months left before opening, we should start to see more testing of the slides in the park, as well as more things like single day tickets, and annual passes for the park. Rumors currently have Universal not selling single day admission to the park for the first few months, in order to keep crowd levels down while they work all the bugs out of Tapu Tapu. As of right now, the new system has not been fully tested. As for the annual passes, rumors also swirl about the park offering a new tier of three park passes, on top of the two park passes that are already available. Again, these are all just rumors, but we’ll more than likely see very soon.

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