Video-Miss Adventure Falls opens at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon


Today marks the opening of the first new attraction at a Walt Disney World Waterpark in over ten years. Miss Adventure Falls has made it’s debut at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, and it’s ready to set sail with the whole family. Guests can board one of the new river rafts, and go on an adventure through the world of Captain Mary Oceaneer, an adventurer who ventured the sea looking for treasures and relics to share with the rest of the world.

During a freak storm, Captain Mary’s ship was stranded at Typhoon Lagoon, along with her partner and parrot Duncan. In fact, Duncan still remains to this day, looking for treasures. Duncan is the first Disney Animatronic to be used in a waterpark ride. He can be seen as you ride up the lift hill on your raft.

That, is also another first for Disney. Guests will not have to carry a raft up the stairs…or even walk up stairs for that matter. This is the first waterpark attraction in Florida to use the system, and makes it easier on your legs, and wait times.


The ride is chock full of relics and surprises, and is now open at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. Want to take a ride on the new waterslide? Then watch the video below for a good look at the slide in a cool POV.


This is the first new attraction to open at the park since 2005 saw Crush n Gusher. It also seems like there’s more coming to Typhoon Lagoon, as all the interviewers mention “expansion”.

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