Visit Pandora: Get the first look at the Avatar River Journey!



Disney is cranking up the hype machine for Pandora: World of Avatar as far as they can, as the opening date gets ever closer. The new land is scheduled to open on May 27th, and will be the largest expansion of Disney’s Animal Kingdom to date. Today we have a great new look at the all new Na’Vi River Journey via a short video.

That certainly seems to be from inside the ride itself. The video comes from the Visit Pandora Twitter page, which is really amping up the Alpha Centauri Expedition theme. The page is linked in conjunction with, which is serving to flesh out some of the details and link the attraction with the rest of the story. The website is starting to fill up with a ton of great pictures, and some fun details.



You can even chat with a “Field Expert” in a browser chat window, and ask questions. Of course the answers you get might be a little generic, and if you ask something that doesn’t fit in with the way they want to answer, you’re kind of brushed off very quickly. Still, it’s a fun way to learn about the new world coming to Disney.


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