We all float-First poster and trailer tease for Stephen King’s IT has arrived!


Stephen King’s IT held several lessons for me as a youngster. The first was a severe case of “stranger danger”, the second was make sure your little sister’s door is locked and she’s asleep before you watch scary movies. That poor kid is still afraid of clowns and unplugging the bath drain to this day…and she’s 27!

Needless to say it’s very exciting to see the new poster for the remake of Stephen King’s IT. The new film is more of a reboot than a remake, as it’s going to be broken into two big parts and stick to the book. 

The posters is very stylized and shows off one of the key elements of the story. 

There’s also a teaser for the trailer, which hits tomorrow! 

For horror fans, this has been a long time coming. The new film will hit theaters this October, and is the first of two planned parts. 

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