Back to the Future the Ride’s legacy secretly hidden in new Minion area.


Time. It’s an ever flowing river. It is also something that we cannot get back or get more of. Unless you have a time machine and if your going to build one, you might as well make it with some style. On May 31st 2016 the final Back to the Future ride closed in Japan which much fan fair.

Though it might be hard to accept, change comes with time and the newest change at Universal Studios Japan is the opening of Minion Park. A park like area where guests can enjoy a day in Minion’s inspired park.

People seem to love it. Minions are extremely popular, but when an attraction leaves Universal loves to drop hints to the legacy that came before it.  And though it maybe small it is still there. If you look in one of the windows in the facade for Villians HQ in Minion Park, you’ll see a bunch of “EVIL” weapons they may be used for dirty deeds, hopefully done for cheap too. But if you have an eagle eye, like a super eagle eye you’ll notice this little ditty.

Do you see it? If you were just casually passing by you’d probably not give it a second thought, but that right there is a cartoony version of the Flux Capacitor.

It’s a nice little nod for the fans not as nice as the ride but hey its the best there is right now. Who knows what may happen in the FUTURE. 

If your up for some fun you can try to spot this before I did in this video

But you really have to a quick eye if you want to play this game of Minion where’s waldo.

Until next time folks stay groovy!

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Minion Park is definitely a whole lot different and a must see for Minion lovers everywhere!

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