Construction walls go up for Super Nintendo World!


2020 seems an awful long way away but not if your Universal Studios Japan. Because the building time starts NOW!

If you happen to drive a car in to the Osaka based Universal Park, you’ll see that the parking lot currently has huge white construction walls up in them.

Now normally seeing construction in a parking lot isn’t that interesting of a find but it’s placement that is a tell tail sign. It’s right between the waterworld show, Jaws, and Harry Potter. Space to grow if you have mushrooms. Man that doesn’t sound right does it? I mean like Super Mario Bros. mushrooms, that make you bigger. Because this is where the Super Nintendo World section of the park is suppose to be before 2020. I’m sure Universal will have more big plans for this place in the future. You can get an even better look at the construction in this video.


The first two minutes of this is dedicated to finding the walls. It’s a bit of a walk!

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Minion Park is definitely a whole lot different and a must see for Minion lovers everywhere!

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