Disney reveals new behind the scenes look at Star Wars Land


Today at Star Wars Celebration Disney talked very briefly about the all new Star Wars Land coming to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World in 2019.

While there weren’t too many details about the attractions, Disney did give us a good look at the new land with new concept art and a behind the scenes video.

There were quite a few pieces of new concept released that showcases the characters and stories of the new land.

The new land will be a mix of familiar and new. It’s not something directly from the Star Wars films we’ve seen, but an all new story from the Galaxy of Star Wars. Some of the events will be similar, but the land and stories will be all new.

Also, this new land will not simply be an area that you watch the story. The new land will be immersive, and the stories will follow you off the ride and into the streets. Examples given were on the Millenium Falcon ride. 

You work together with other riders as a team. If you jump into light speed, or crash (yep, you can crash) it’s all on your decisions as a team. Those decisions on the ride will also follow you throughout the entire land as you journey through the streets and shops.

You’ll develop a reputation in the world, which will follow you. Locals might want to interact with you, and you could even get a bounty hunter hunting you. We are presuming that it’ll involve MagicBands, as currently that’s the only way to track your progress through the parks, but not a lot of details were given.

Another cool detail is that the new First Order attraction will use real lightsabers. A patent filed last year showcased an actor using a projected beam, and fog. Other than that…your guess is as good as ours as to how they will be implemented.

July will mark the return of the D23 Expo, which will have many more details (we hope) about the attraction.

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