Disneyland’s New Guardians of the Galaxy Attraction Spotted in New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer!


The eagle eye’d Disney fans at SlashFilm have made an interesting discovering just hours after the launch of the to brand new Thor trailer. It seems that the up and coming Gaurdians and the Galaxy: Mission Breakout attraction was spotted sitting on an unnamed planet directly behind actor Jeff Goldblum during a short clip.

Disney / Marvel

Disney / Marvel

For those not in the know, Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout is a controversial new attraction being retrofitted over the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride in Anaheim. The premise of the attraction is that Tivan (the Collector) has finally acquired The Guardians of the Galaxy and built a brand new fortress just to store them. You as a guest are invited to see the Guardians for yourself on display until Rocket Racoon makes you a part of his next daring escape. A Tower of Terror like structure appears to be sitting just behind the actor’s left shoulder as Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is being presented to the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum). What do you think, is the Collector’s fortress with the Guardians of the Galaxy inside?

Do you think the collector’s new fortress will make an appearance in the film or is this just fanboy dreaming? The shape is in fact very reminesent of the Mission Breakout. Does this help your excitement for Thor: Ragnarok or does this not affect your excitement in any way? You can relive the trailer below.

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