Dragon Quest THE REAL challenges guests to fight monsters in this interactive experience!


Banish your swords, open your spell books, and get ready to fight some monsters! After that lengthy plane trip to Japan of course. But at Universal Studios Japan they have opened a new walk through attraction that combines live actors with live animatronics and projections that you have to interact with and of course FIGHT! Not familiar with Dragon Quest? Well thats ok it’s a RPG game that has been around for 30 years. One of the most popular characters from the series is this guy.

That is a slime. It’s cute and completely intimidating. I think that’s why these characters are pretty well excepted as one of the most iconic characters from the series.

One of the items that they are selling for Dragon Quest the real is a big “King Slime”. The lines for these bad boys are extremely long.  Now I’m sure you saying WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION like by this point, well I will answer that with a video.

The review starts exactly at 6:52. As well as a tour of one of the most unique parks in the world.

It was truly an interesting experience! I was amazed how they used live actors to guide you through the attraction and helping you to get through the attraction.

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