SeaWorld Orlando gearing up for big announcement on Thursday



Last week, SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby was at SeaWorld Orlando filming a huge announcement. What is it? What’s it all about? It looks like we find out Thursday what SeaWorld has planned for sure. However, we have a few guesses on what it could be, simply because SeaWorld has so much happening this year.

What we won’t hear about

With Summer right around the corner, there’s a lot that the park will likely tell us about what’s coming for the rest of the year, including important dates. However, here’s what we can probably not expect to see right now.

  • Management shifts-SeaWorld wouldn’t really hold a press conference or media event to talk about changes in management. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes with the new acquisition by Zhonghong, but they won’t concentrate on anything that could be seen as a negative in anyway at a press event.
  • New Plans- CEO Joel Manby has been all about a “Five Year plan”, and while that’s fine and good…we won’t hear it Thursday

What we might hear about

Like we said, Summer is just around the corner, and there’s still a lot left for the year ahead. What can we expect to hear will be a lot about the upcoming events and special attractions happening for the remainder of the year.

  • Electric Ocean-We’ve been promised a performance like we’ve never seen before. That can only mean we’ll get a look at Electric Ocean, the new nighttime show coming to SeaWorld Orlando and San Diego on June 17th. The official website has the dates listed as starting June 17th until mid August, but we think we’ll get an announcement of an earlier start date than that.
  • New Show-The Nautilus Theater is a great place for a show, especially during the hot summer days. With that theater being empty, we can probably expect to see something happening very soon in there. Perhaps we’ll see the Bubble Gazillion show that has been rumored to be coming for quite a while? That show was a pretty big hit with the smaller kids in San Diego, so it’s likely to make a big impact in Orlando as well.
  • Dolphin Nursery- Crews have been hard at work at re-imagining the parks baby dolphin habitat. The new area will give guests a closer look at the younger dolphins in the pod, and will be a more natural environment. We could hear more details about that project, as well as an opening date
  • New Ride-A new raft ride has been rumored for the park for a few months now. The new ride will take place in the back of the park, right around the area of the Sea Gardens. Markers and tree flags have been spotted for months now. We could finally be getting some details about the new ride coming to the park. Joel Manby was even filming in that area. While it would be great to get new ride information, it might be unlikely as well, since this big update seems to be all about summer happenings.

We will be onsite at SeaWorld Thursday morning, so stay tuned for more details!



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