SeaWorld San Diego Teases New Transformation!


There is no denying that exciting times are ahead for SeaWorld Parks and Resorts. With SeaWorld planned to make a massive announcement to that was filmed recently in Orlando to show off new and exciting attractions as well as a rumored 5 year plan for the parks and resorts.

This morning a cryptic email was sent out with a quote from C.K. Chesterton, a British essayist and a link to a video hosted on SeaWorld San Diego’s own YouTube account. The email subtly titled “Socal Entertainment Landmark to be Transformed”.

In the email there was a quote that read:

“There is one thing which gives radiance to everything. It is the idea of something around the corner.”

Below the quote was an image and link to a short video. The video titled “Ocean Radiance 1” also didn’t show to much apart from some footage of children’s feet in a beach like setting and the same quote from CK.

The video doesn’t show very much, but it does leave us intrigued.

Currently SeaWorld San Diego is undergoing an expansion inside the park with the addition of Ocean Explorer which is expected to open this summer and feature three highly themed flat rides as well as an interactive indoor/outdoor dark ride. This will be followed in 2018 with the ‘grand finale attraction’ of the new Ocean Explorer area called Electric Eel, a brand new 150 foot tall coaster very similar to Tempesto atBusch  Gardens.

 Just what is Ocean Radiance 1? We believe this could be the start of a marketing blitz for the Ocean Explorer expansion. If you change the numbers on the websites to 2, and 3, it leads to slightly different video clips teasing Summer 2017, the expected opening of Ocean Explorer.
Here’s the second video: 

And the third:

It’s all very cryptic at the moment though.
We know that SeaWorld is on the verge of a massive change company wide, and it looks like it could start with San Diego. 

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