Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay Begins Testing


Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay is looking to not only change the mold for theme park waterparks, they’re looking to change the way the mold is made. We’ve been watching as the park has unrolled the tickets, the story and the virtual wait system. Today, everything seems to come together as the park sees the first riders.
Watch-Construction Update with test riders!

As you can see the park is still very much under construction. So why the test subjects? More than likely Universal is havin employees test out the virtual queue system or the slides themselves. After all the lifeguards need training with real people.


As for the rest of the park, construction seems to be moving along at a breakneck pace. Final touches are being put on as trees are being added and dirt mounds are being removed.


One other thing that we noticed is that at of the people in line were carrying rafts. Universal advertised that you wouldn’t have to do that at Volcano Bay. Does that apply for only some of the attractions? It could also possibly be that many of the conveyor belts and systems are just not operating yet.


So what does early employee testing mean for soft openings for passholders? We’re going to guess that it won’t happen, simply because of the level of finishing up the park has yet to do. Add in the fact that this is an all new park, and guests have to buy either a new one day ticket or add on to your annual pass, and you have more reasons to why early openings aren’t very likely. We aren’t saying they won’t happen at all, it just doesn’t sound likely at this point. After all there is less than a month left until the official opening date.
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