Walt Disney World prepares for the Guardians of the Galaxy


Get ready aholes! Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are coming back to theaters in a huge new blockbuster film. The movie is getting rave reviews and is tracked to do about $150 million on opening weekend, which will be May 2nd.
While Disneyland is getting an entire “Summer of Heroes” that will include an all new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction and a chance to meet Groot, Walt Disney World…well, is not. In fact they aren’t getting anything from Marvel or the Guardians anytime soon. However, that’s not stopping them from getting guests excited about the film.
First there’s an all new bus wrap that is going from the hotels to Disney Springs.
Video-Guardians save your feet 

Yeah, it’s just a bus wrap, but everyone is going crazy for it. We just happened to catch a bus from Boardwalk and there it was. It would be extra fun if it played music from the soundtrack, but it’s still fun.

The first thing everyone squeals about is of course Baby Groot. He stole the show at the end of the last movie, and it looks like he’s going to be a major part of the new film as well. 

For those who love Baby Groot, you can now pick up a dancing plush if the character as he dances to Flashlight by Parliament. This is probably the same song he dances to in the movie, since it’s on the soundtrack…so the toy could be a bit of a spoiler. See in action in the video below!
Watch: Baby Groot gets down 

The Marvel Superhero Headquarters at Disney Springs is full of great new Guardians merchandise, all fir your galaxy saving needs.

My favor has to be the Rocket costumes. There is bound to be full on huge raccoons walking around the streets of Disney Springs.
There is a rumor that Walt Disney World will have Guardians of the Galaxy characters at Hollywood Studios this summer, complete with Baby Groot. They tried this last year with Doctor Strange and it lasted just a few short weeks. So if it happens,catch it while you can because it may not happen for long. 

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