Changes coming to The Jungle Cruise as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson makes announcement


Last month, Dwayne Johnson announced that he would be starring in the big screen adaptation of Disney’s The Jungle Cruise attraction. The new movie is slated for a production start date of spring 2018.

Now, before the movie finds a director, Johnson has made a very startling announcement for the ride on Instagram.

Grateful SOB to have Walt and Mickey watching over my shoulder as @danygarciaco and I embark on this amazing project. For our big #JungleCruise creative meeting at DISNEY’s highly secure R&D facilities, me and @danygarciaco were escorted into THE VAULT. A legitimate vault where all of Disney’s biggest secrets and plans are kept. Curtains were pulled back for us to reveal the actual drawn up plans that Walt Disney had his brother, Roy Disney take to New York to present to the bankers in 1950 for the potential loan to build what’s now known as Disney Land. Cant imagine what that meeting with bankers was like. Roy: Alright gentlemen, so me and my brother Walt, want to build the greatest multiple theme park attraction in the world. Banker: Oh that seems fun, Mr. Disney. Roy: *smiles in a playful mischievous manner, Oh yes my good man, it will have a few things that are in fact, fun. Well, clearly I don’t know how the hell men were actually talking in the 50’s, but what I do know is being able to star in and produce #JungleCruise is a dream come true. BUT what takes this to the next level, is that we’ll partner with Disney’s brilliant Imagineers to help re-engineer and re-design the #JungleCruise ride in all the Disney theme parks around the world. A very special opportunity for us and our @sevenbucksprod to create an unforgettable and fun EXPERIENCE for families around the world. And as Walt Disney himself would say… it’s magical. Next step is finding our visionary director. Exciting times. #JungleCruise #TheExperience #DisneyStudios #Imagineers #SevenBucksProds #WaltAndRockWouldveBeenBesties #AndWorkoutBuddies #WaltWouldveLovedMyJackedUpPickUpTruck 😉🤙🏾

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That’s right, Johnson and his production team are working on a reimagination of the classic Disney attraction, The Jungle Cruise.

There are no other details, but with this year’s D23 Expo in July, we suspect there could be a few details on the new attraction, as well as the new film. 

It’s not unheard of for an attraction to get a makeover after a movie is a huge success, look at Pirates as an example. However, it is rather unusual to see it happen before the film even starts filming.

The new film is said to be an adventure comedy, and will feature references to the ride, and probably some familiar scenes. Really makes you winder how they’re going to work in the backside of water.

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