Disney’s Hollywood Studios premieres surprise new show with “Disney’s Movie Magic”


Disney is kicking off the summer in a massive way. Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is right in the middle of the huge “Blockbuster Summer”, where they have just revealed the new Pandora: World of Avatar, an all new nighttime show featuring Disney animated classics with Happily Ever After, and the new Music of Pixar Live. It’s a massive line up for the summer, and one of the biggest theme park debuts in a year of big theme park debuts. Disney isn’t done just yet. Under the secret of night, the creative team has been hard at work on an all new show that features the live action films from Disney. Without warning, without a premiere date, and without even a mention, Disney has pulled off a stirring tribute to the live action films of Walt Disney with “Disney’s Movie Magic”.

Watch: Disney’s Movie Magic Debuts at Hollywood Studios


The all new show uses music, and projections from some of your favorite Disney films. It features a great score with familiar favorites, and of course some of the biggest Disney Hollywood films. The show really hits on some of the greatest Disney moments in live action films, with Mary Poppins, Pirates, and even some classics you didn’t expect like Tron, and Tron Legacy.

There’s even a few a-holes thrown in, as Guardians of the Galaxy clips are used, complete with Baby Groot. Marvel’s Dr. Strange also makes a surprise appearance, which seems to open the door for more in the future.

The new show does a great balance of bringing a lot of familiar scenes, and blending them perfectly into the next. The show also uses projection technology to bring the face of the Chinese Theater to life.

There’s no Star Wars in it, which is a welcome relief from the Star Wars overload you get the rest of the day. And, don’t worry, the new show is almost immediately followed up with Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. It’s the perfect one two punch for summer.

While we’re pretty confident the new show is around for Summer, there’s no telling just how long it’s going to be around, so if you have the chance, you might just want to see it sooner, rather than later.

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