Nintendo themed bar sparks imagination on what Super Nintendo World will be.


Imagine walking down a semi abandoned street in the heart of a major city and stretching to look up to a high rise and the name of a bar called “Controller”. Well you could say that is what happened to me as I was wandering around Osaka late at night and found myself walking into a Nintendo themed video game bar.


While sitting there playing Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 64, it really occurred to me how international Nintendo is and how broad the company is in many peoples minds. There is a good chance that you own something Nintendo. There is also a chance that this bar has it up on the walls.

With 2020 coming fast and Super Nintendo World on the fast track to being built, what attractions do you think will be in the new expansion? And do you think that Nintendo will make Universal “THE DISNEY KILLER?” driving more people to their parks and not Disney parks? Leave a comment down below saying what you think!

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