Second teaser for Stephen King’s IT takes us into the sewers


The MTV Movie Awards gave us a sneak peak at an all new clip from the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. It’s actually pretty damn frightening.

I love how this trailer showcased the kids interacting with each other, all while keeping that creepy tension, especially as they venture into the sewers. That’s something that the original mini series was missing, the ever building dread of a creature feeding on children. We also get a real good look at Pennywise, and here we get the feeling that they’re playing with the more creepy angle for the clown. With Tim Curry, Pennywise was more of a traditional fun clown with a dark side, which made him all the more terrifying when he finally turned up the monster levels. That’s why he worked. Will this Pennywise have that same level of playfulness, or are they going straight for terror?

We’ll find out this October when Stephen King’s IT hits theaters.

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