Video-Go for a ride through a bio-luminescent forest on N’avi River Journey at Disney’s Pandora


Flowing through a bioluminescent forest is a river that goes right through the heart of a people. The forest and river connects the native people of Pandora. The heart and blood of the forest beat together as one, just as the people of Pandora and nature works together as one. That’s the story of the N’avi River Journey, one of two new attractions at Walt Disney World’s Pandora: World of Avatar.

The ride begins as you walk into an unsuspecting camp, and get one wicker boats that take you through this winding river.

Take a ride on the River in our video below.


Watch: POV through the Na’vi River Journey



The ride is gorgeous, even if it is short. The animatronics and screens work together to create a unique attraction that brings you together with nature.

While there is only one animatronic, the ride uses screens in unusual and beautiful ways. From hopping frogs on leaves jumping above you, to a screen on a log that has insects crawling around it, the technology used here is top notch. We even see some of the N’avi people trekking through the forest. The screens are well hidden and used in amazing ways that almost make the creatures and people of the river real.

However, for realism, you can’t get any more lifelike than the N’avi Shaman. The way she moves and articulates her face and fingers is a feat that hasn’t been accomplished before.It really makes you believe that the creature is alive. It’s simply stunning, and a tribute to the amazing work of imagineers at Walt Disney World.


Pandora: The World of Avatar officially opens on May 27th. The new world features two attractions, a restaurant and lots of amazing scenery to look at.


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