Big Trouble in Little China gets a sequel comic book


With the way things are today, I always wonder what ole Jack Burton would do. Hell, ole Jack would probably crack a top, double shift down a few gears and look all this trouble in the eyes and say “Ready or not boys, here I come”. 
According to Screen Rant, a new comic book will pick up with a 60 year old Jack Burton as he’s retired to Florida. Of course, we know trouble likes to follow ole Jack around, and in this new story Chung Dainhas succeeded in coming back to earth and creating a literal Hell on Earth. 

The new four issue story is called “Old Man Jack”, and will see Jack alone and retired as he just talks to his old radio. One day a voice comes over and says they know a way to stop Ching Dai, which leads Jack to one last ride on the Porkchop Express. 

The remarkable thing about the story is that it’s being written by one other than John Carpenter himself, along with Borderlands 2 writer, Anthony Burch.

The new comic will hit stores in September. Before then, look for an official Board Game based on the game.

There have been talks of a remake starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson, but if this comic is as good as we hope…we’ll, maybe we can see a true sequel with Kurt Russell playing Jack Burton once again.

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