Disney announces completely revamped show for Hall of Presidents 


Here we go again. There’s even more news coming out now about Walt Disney World’s beloved Hall of Presidents. Today, Disney reaffirmed that Trump is coming to the attraction, with a speech in tow, shooting down many websites that have inside sources.

We asked the question, what is taking so damn long…today we get the answer. Not only is Walt Disney World adding a the new president, they are changing the entire show. The last time this was done was back in 2009 when President Obama took office. That show was changed to reflect the progress we’ve made as a nation, and included narration by Morgan Freeman.

There’s no word on what the new show will cover, but more than likely it will focus more on the progress we’ve made as a society. The other big changes will be in that there will be huge upgrades to the lighting, the sound system, and even a high definition projection system. It will be the same multi-screen, big stage production, only now it’s going to be bigger and better. It’s something they did the last time around, and since technology has changed in leaps in bounds since 2008, it’s a great chance to upgrade the tech once again.

On a side note, it doesn’t matter what your opinion of the new president is, the upgrade is a good thing. Whether you hate Trump, or love him…we don’t care. It doesn’t matter. The Hall of Presidents is actually above any party affiliation, and above the current president. Why? Because presidents will come and go. They will be voted out, impeached, serve their time or whatever else may happen…but the Hall of Presidents stands as a testament to our history as a nation. It’s a humbling show that shows the greatness of all those who held the office, while reminding us that while the president holds the highest office in the land, it’s the people that they serve.
We the people.
That’s something that politicians, past and present, seem to forget.
The Hall of Presidents reminds us of that, and the long, hard road to we’ve come down to get here.

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