Hall of Presidents not likely to reopen by 4th of July


We have a new President in the White House, and since it’s been opened, that means a new animatronic in the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World. The attraction went down for refurbishment and was scheduled to reopen by the 4th of July. According to guests in the park, Cast Members are saying that’s not happening.

Also on the official websiteM, the park map indicates that it’s not happening as well. In fact, if you look closer, you can see a new reopening date.

The date on the site is listed as December 31st, 2017. There has been absolutely no updates or announcements from Disney on the reopening of the attraction.

So, what’s the hold up? President Trump has been a controversial president, with many Disney fans signing a petition to keep him limited to a non speaking part. While the incoming president getting a new animatronic has been the tradition, pretty much since the attraction opened, the President getting a new speaking part has not been a tradition very long, with Disney starting the policy in 1993 with President Clinton, and continuing with Presidents Bush and Obama. President Obama recorded his part for the attraction in the White House.

There have been a few rumors suggesting that Trump has been approached to record a part, but no word on whether or not he accepted. More rumors suggest that the entire show is once again getting refurbished, which could explain the extended closure. 

In short, nobody knows.
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