HHN 27-All Our Times Will Come. Soon.


Halloween Horror Nights has started to tease about their 27th year. The official HHN Orlando website has updated to include a ghastly image floating in the background. Roses and candles in the foreground seem to indicate a mournful presence…but what? What’s coming for us? Why is there water? 
While we don’t know exactly what hats coming for us, we do know that now all vacation packages, tickets, Frequent Fear Passes and Tours are now all on sale. 

The biggest ticket everyone always asks about are the Frequent Fear Passes. These passes allow guests to get multiple nights for one price. It’s usually the best way to see the event multiple nights. If the past years are any indication, you’ll need at least two nights to see everything.

Here’s this year’s Frequent Fear Pass Rundown:

Rush of Fear


Rush of Fear + Express


Frequent Fear


Frequent Fear + Express


Frequent Fear Plus – INCLUDES FRIDAYS


Frequent Fear Plus + Express – INCLUDES FRIDAYS


Ultimate Frequent Fear – ALL NIGHTS


Ultimate Frequent Fear + Express – ALL NIGHTS


Also returning this year are the Scareactor Dining Experience which allows you to dine before the event, and see some of the characters from this year’s event, as well as the Unmasking The Horror Tours. These tours are lights on tours of the haunted mazes, which give you insight into what goes into bringing each house to life. They’re a must for any haunt fan, though there is no filming inside the houses, and last year there were no pictures allowed in the houses, after the first weekend.
All Our Times Will Come.

So, back that catch phrase. It seems to indicate that something…or someone is coming. Immediately I’m reminded of Albert Caine-The Caretaker from HHN 12. The catch phrase that year was “Your Time Has Come”. While it’s unlikely, could we see another coming of the Caretaker? 

Maybe not, but he did have a daughter who’s time never did come. Cindy was meant to be an icon twice, and twice she was cut at the last minute. Could we finally see Cindy get her due? Again…unlikely, but here’s hoping.

We’ll find out soon what waits for us in the water. We’ll also find out what houses we will experience soon. So far, all we know is that we will see American Horror Story, and the Stanley Kubrick class The Shining as haunted mazes.

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