HHN 27: Your soul is requested as the countdown begins


The time is coming. All of our times is coming…soon. Don’t worry, it won’t take much, but your soul is requested.

So, the tease has started. What does it all mean? 

If you go to the official event page (click here) you can see a huge countdown clock, in which you are asked to surrender your soul. The countdown is marking the days until August 3rd at 11a.m. 

So what are we counting down to? If we had to guess, it would be a full reveal of everything coming to HHN 27.

You can also click the link above to become a “Soul Collector”, and reap as many souls as possible until time runs out. 

How many will they collect? There’s also the chance that you’ll be sent something marking you as a soul collector. 

While this isn’t much information to go on, we do get a great look at some ghastly images, and the more we see, the more it looks like there will not be an icon for HHN 27…but could we see some returning characters?

The top character loooks vaguely like a Body Collector, while the bottom is similar to a Nightengale. Could either one of these houses be making a comeback?

We’ll have to wait until August 3rd to know for sure. So far we know that American Horror Stiry and The Shining will both be at HHN 27 this year, but beyond that? We only have guesses.
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