Justice League Battle for Metropolis Officially Opens at Magic Mountain on July 12!


Since making it’s debut in 2015 at Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis, fans on the west coast have been wondering and craving the goodness that is Sally Ride’s Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. Well, the wait is now officially over, the date has been revealed. Justice League will open on July 12, 2017 to the public. Fans who show up in full cosplay (not just t-shirts, and not just capes, full costume!) will be given free admission on the 12th as well as the chance to ride before anyone else.

Battle for Metropolis is an interactive shooting attraction that blends, practical effects, animatronic characters and digital projections very similar to how The Amazing Adventure of Spider-Man and Transformers The Ride. This time the Justice League needs your help. It’s been confirmed that the Magic Mountain version will be the “deluxe” version of the attraction featuring a brand new ending as well as the addition of Harley Quinn, not seen in any of the previous incarnations of the ride.

Our friend Bruce B. was in the park today for a special event and was able to take a few pictures of the current progress of the new attraction.

Just over the fence The Hall of Justice beings to form.

A closer look at the main entrance of the ride.

The whole Metropolis area is being refreshed, a new sign has recently been erected.

Have you been looking forward to Justice League making its West Coast debut? Let us know in the comments below!

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