Knott’s Berry Farm 6/12/2017 – Boomerang Site & BoardWalk BBQ Construction Update!


In honor of the start of summer, Knott’s invited media to check out all the brand new offerings (in-depth coverage of the new shows, and Ghost Town Alive will be up a little later this week). During this time we could not help but check out the ongoing 2018 mystery project that continues to torment the mind of coaster fans.

Construction walls surrounding the former Boomerang location have been pushed forward and extended to now fill the entire grass area where Riptide used to sit and wrap around to connect to the furthest edge of the Mine Ride.

Closer to the where the entrance of Boomerang used to sit as well. Not too exciting yet.

A look through one of the peek holes reveals a whole lot of nothing, and rubble. Most of the rubble is the remaining bits of the old station which was just demo’d this past weekend.

The fate of Sky Cabin also remains a mystery. It’s not been operating since the big breakdown. Could this be the end of Sky Cabin or is Knott’s waiting for the 2018 project to gain momentum before reinvesting in the classic tower ride? Lot’s of questions and not a lot of answers.

The Boardwalk lagoon has also received some love. The edges of the water have been painted black, and the water is now a much darker green color. This is a big improvement over the super clear pool look of its early days.

Just on the opposite side of Boomerang’s former home the Boardwalk BBQ progresses and appears to still be on track for its upcoming Summer 2017 opening date. The entrance looks like it’s going to have the awesome 50’s retro-future aesthetic that has taken over the Boardwalk in recent years.

Another look through the peek hole. Future home of tables and lots of much needed shade.

The side facing Xcelerator, more tables and shade should be expected here as well.

The path that used to lead to Boomerang’s old entrance is much tighter. Given the location I would not be surprised if they completely cut this path off entirely and made it so guests have to walk around the new BBQ venue in order to get to the new 2018 attraction. If it means more room for rides, it’s fine with me.

New concept art has also been posted along the construction wall for the B-BBQ. It’s going to look awesome when it’s all said and done.

That does it for this short look at Knott’s ongoing construction projects. It’s going to be a very interesting few months for Knott’s, we can’t wait to see what ends up replacing Boomerang.

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