LEGO Announces San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exclusives!


LEGO Exclusives are some of the hottest tickets at San Diego Comic-Con each year. Last year LEGO introduced the BrickHeadz line (over a year before they had been launched to the public) with many exclusive super hero icons from both Marvel and DC. It would appear that trend continues into 2017 as Lego reveals a new exclusvie each day, here’s what we have so far:


SuperGirl / Martian Man Hunter

Announced June 27, 2017


Spider-Man / Venom

Announced June 26, 2017


In order to purchase the Lego Exclusives you must be in the “everything line” and make your way up the Sails Pavillion once doors open. There’s no point in running or rushing as the Lego Exclusives are not first come first serve but are raffled. You stand at an iPad and the ipad will determine if you are lucky enough to win a ticket to be about to buy that day’s exclusive or not. Both sets will be available for $40 and if you are lucky enough to win you can finalize your purchase at Booth #2829

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