Optimus Prime Returns to CityWalk Hollywood in Time for Transformers 5


A familiar face… or, truck has returned to CityWalk Hollywood just in time for the latest installment of the Michael Bay live action Transformer films, The Last Knight.

Photo by @universaltfaw

The Western Star 5700XE used for the filming of the past Transformers films has been parked directly infront of the newly refurbished Universal Cinema, allowing movie-goers to take a photo with Optimus directly before or after seeing the all new movie. Optimus will be on display at CityWalk Hollywood until Sunday June 25.

If that’s not enough Tranformers goodness for your day you can also check out Transformers the ride which opened in 2012 and instantly became one of the most popular attractions spawning an almost immediate clone to be built in Orlando. You can also meet and interact with Bumblebee, Megatron, and Optimus on the lower lot in their robot forms for a great photo op experience. Also throughout the park is Transformers apparel, merch and of course action figures, the basis of the entire franchise. You can also visit Things from Another World, the geek culture/comic book store which is chalk filled with the latest pop culture memorabilia.

Huge shout out to Things from Another World’s facebook page for allowing us to use their photo. Feel free to check them out on social media, on twitter you can find them at @universaltfaw and on Instragram you can find them @universaltfaw

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