Purported plans leak for Super Nintendo World at Universal Orlando


Saturday evening, the website’s Twitter account leaked plans that are alleged to be for Super Nintendo world at Universal Orlando Resort.

In this Tweet, the photo from CoasterFusion have helped to fuel to the fire for the replacement of Kids World at Universal Studios Florida. The plans call for four subsequent lands within the main Super Nintendo World.

Here’s the tweet from CoasterFusion:

According to the plans posted above, all of the preexisting Kids World except ET adventure will be removed. The plans show that guests will enter through Princess Peaches castle in the Mushroom Kingdom, into the entry portal. From there you’ll be able to go into Kirby Kids Playland, Donkey Kong’s Island, The Super Mario World ride and “Zelda’s Kingdom” aka Hyrule. Unfortunately the  plans are not very high detail,  so we are not able to determine exactly what will be happening, what’s in the land or what else will be available other than the bigger titles. Universal, however, appears to look at appealing Super Nintendo World to everybody including little kids while removing and updating the pre-existing Kids Zone.
These Plans, however, stick to the rumors of the replacement of Kids World (which has been rumored for a while now), while one of the original staples of the park, ET Adventure will remain.

Let’s get out the salt grains for a minute.

The biggest red flag here is that the plans seem really big for the given area. Universal Japan just released their preliminary plans for Super Nintendo World, which included a preview video.

If you watch the video, you’ll notice just one land. Does that mean others won’t happen? We have no idea. But, Universal Japan is rumored to be the largest of the three Nintendo lands, with Orlando being the rumored smallest. It’s very unlikely that Universal Orlando will be able to get four separate lands into an area as small as Kid Zone, especially if the idea is to keep it similar to the other versions of Super Nintendo World. Though with the removal of The Animal Actors stage, it would be a good size bigger. Then there’s the Mario Factor. All concentration has so far been on Mario with no mention of other characters. The other thing that screams to us is that it’s not very Universal like to create a land with that many rides, especially from scratch. Traditionally Universal goes with the plan of one major attraction, a minor attraction and several shops and restaurants. Of course, there’s exceptions to the rules, but the new plans call for four major attractions (one in each smaller area), and a few smaller attractions in each area. That’s a minimum of eight new attractions. That’s a hell of a lot new attractions. 
There’s a good chance we’re wrong (happens a lot) but it’s way early in the game. Again, there’s no way to know if this is legit or not…because as always unless Universal says it’s happening, then it’s not happening. Still, we want to believe.
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