SeaWorld Orlando reopens their Dolphin Nursery with stunning new views!



SeaWorld Orlando has officially reopened the all new Dolphin Nursery. The Dolphin Nursery has undergone a huge refurbishment that has added a new underwater viewing area, and information screen.



The new exhibit gets guests very up close and personal with Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and their babies through special underwater viewing areas, and see through walls.






The new area is geared towards smaller guests, as you have to get down low to see through most of the area. It’s great for that one on one interaction, as the dolphins are very curious to see who’s peeking through.





A new screen plays dolphin facts towards the north side of the pool, as well as shows rescue missions involving SeaWorld Rescue and the dolphins that they’ve saved. The new area has a bit more shade for the dolphins, and more trainers are present, as they feed and give talks about the animals. The animals remain in the Dolphin Nursery until they are big enough to join the rest of the pod in Dolphin Cove. For those wanting to see the animals from above, there are still walls to look over. Dolphins are curious by nature and tend to interact a lot in the Dolphin Nursery.


Special thanks to our friends over at Stand With SeaWorld for the great pics and video!


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