Universal Orlando’s Fast and Furious Supercharged aims for a Spring opening date



Universal Orlando just opened their latest park, Volcano Bay for the world to see (click here for an overview of the grand opening), but that’s not slowing them down in the slightest. The park announced last year that they would be creating an all new attraction based around the hit Fast and Furious franchise, called Fast and Furious: Supercharged in the park. The attraction already somewhat exists at Universal Studios Hollywood as part of the Tram Tour, but now it’s going to be a full fledged attraction in Orlando. While we don’t know too many details on it, today we’ve gotten a few more, including when we can expect to see it open.


First, the all new attraction will be open in Spring of 2018. If this year’s Jimmy Fallon: Race Through New York is any indication, we can expect to see it just in time for the Spring Break rush, so around April is our best guess. Second, Supercharged will be a new stand alone attraction. In Hollywood, it’s part of the tram tour, but here it’s going to be more like Kong. Instead of just being on a bus, there will be some new elements worked in. The ride will most likely end in a huge big screen showdown, and knowing Universal Orlando, a big explosive finale.

The ride will also utilize the new “Virtual Line” experience, which will have guests book a time, and then come back later to ride. While you wait, you can still access other attractions in the park. If that’s the case, then we can also expect to see some kind of interactive queue experience. Perhaps we’ll walk through Dom’s garage, or come face to face with Mr. Nobody. Who knows what we’ll see, but we hope it’s going to be like Jimmy Fallon in the respect that it will be an amazing experience from the time you step in the building, till the time you leave the gift shop.

Want to get an idea of what the ride experience will be like? Check out the full video from Universal Studios Hollywood for a good idea of what to expect.



Yes, it’s a screen based attraction, but with Universal Orlando making it stand alone attraction, you can bet there will be huge sets, and even some real cars in the mix to expand on the idea.

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