Video: Front Seat POV with Florida’s first inverting wooden roller coaster-Mine Blower!



Central Florida theme parks have opened a ton of great new attractions this year so far…but there hasn’t been any roller coasters. That changes this Friday when Fun Spot America in Kissimmee opens the all new Mine Blower. The new wooden coaster is 80 feet tall, with a top speed of about 49 miles per hour. While that may seem tame in today’s world of high speed thrills, it’s a white knuckle ride that will be for the whole family.

Did we mention that it goes upside down? Yeah…it’s a pretty big deal.



We have a look at the all new coaster, with a special front seat POV of the new Fun Spot ride from the Gravity Group.

Those awesome maneuvers include a churning corkscrew, and a 115 degree overbanked turn…that means you almost go upside down again. It’s a first for any coaster in Florida, and it’s a prime example of technology pushing the limits of what coasters can do. You get the great old time feel of a wooden coaster, with the pulse pounding thrills of a steel coaster.

Mine Blower will open this Friday at Fun Spot in Kissimmee.

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