Video-SeaWorld San Diego’s Stunning Orca Encounter brings back education and majesty of Killer Whales



SeaWorld San Diego has opened the all new Orca Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego. The new experience takes what you loved about shows like One Ocean, and Believe, and connected them in a more educational way. The new shows give guests the chance to see more information about Killer Whales than they may have known before, and still gives them a chance to see the amazing power that these beautiful creatures possess.

We had the chance to head out to the park on Wednesday to check out the Grand Opening performance of the new show.

Watch: Orca Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego


The new Orca Encounter brings guests into an all new stadium. The stadium uses a natural look, and creates a beautiful backdrop.

An all new feature of the show is the use of what they call the “Endless Screen”. While it’s easy to spot in video, in person, the screen gives an illusion of blending in with the sky, the water, and the surrounding set. It’s a really gorgeous effect that brings facts and action to the entire stadium.


Instead of focusing primarily on what the whales can do in the air, by using tricks, the trainers and SeaWorld have take a more educational approach, by showing behaviors on screen and having the whales mimic those behaviors in the show. The show goes for the educational aspect more than before, but that’s a completely good thing. While some fans may not appreciate losing some of the more entertaining aspect, this new show brings more knowledge than ever before. It’s very much a throwback to some of the older Shamu Shows of the 80’s and 90’s. There’s still splashing, there’s still a great score, but it’s much more of an undertone now, than a focus.

Orca Encounter is one of several new attractions at SeaWorld San Diego this year. We’ll be bringing you all of them in the next few days.



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