Video-Universal Studios Japan planning Super Nintendo World Groundbreaking


Yesterday we told you about a stage that was being built at Universal Studios Japan themed to Super Mario, complete with pipes and Piranha Plant (click here to see the awesome pictures). It was pretty elaborate, and we wondered what it could be for. 

Today, thanks to our friend YukenDoIt, we have a video showing off the area, and now we know what it’s going to be for! We also find out where the Nintendo themed land is going to be built exactly.

There are construction walls up, so the video definitely keeps its distance, but you get a real good idea of what is happening.

The biggest thing is now we know that the stage will be used for a groundbreaking celebration, which could have some big Nintendo execs in attendance. It could also mean some major announcements for the new area, maybe.

The other big news is that now we know EXACTLY where Super Nintendo World will go, and how big it will be. The area behind the Wizarding World, Jurassic Park and JAWS will be the location for Super Nintendo World. That’s a pretty good sized area. 

Of course, we will know more in a few weeks, but it looks like this could be one of the largest expansions in park history, and definitely one that will eventually come to the parks in the states.

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