Walt Disney World Monorail evacuated-piece allegedly falls off 



Crazy story from Walt Disney World today, as the Blue Monorail had to be pushed back to the station after breaking down on the line. Guests were evacuated after a brief delay, and other than being hit, and annoyed, there were no injuries.



Guests on board the monorail were delayed for a short while, and were in constant contact with the Monorail Pilot. The train was leaving Epcot and heading towards the Ticket and Transportation Center at Epcot. The monorail line was down while the train was being pushed back into the station. Some guests reported kids having panic attacks on board, there were no reports of serious injuries.


While the monorail being delayed, breaking down and being evacuated is not that big of a deal, the weird twist comes from someone on the ground. A guest in the Epcot parking lot claimed on Twitter that a hunk of the monorail came off the train, and within ten feet of hitting them.

While that seems unlikely, it’s even less likely that the guest had a random Monorail part in his pocket. You can see metal, and a piece of the car attached. The monorail line is several years old at Walt Disney World, and unlike the Disneyland counterparts, have not received a lot of upgrades over the years. There are constant problems with the system, which is why Walt Disney World seems to be moving in a different direction with expansions, utilizing Gondolas and cable cars instead of the monorail.


However, after this latest incident, there might be a push to update the costly monorail system soon.



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