Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Williamsburg gets chilly reception with new haunted house


Something is looming in the castle over the hill. It’s encased in ice, and the Dark Castle that was once ruled by a fire breathing giant is now frozen to the core. The castle has been taken over by some bone chilling inhabitants, made of ice. This ice has teeth, and this ice…bites.

Frostbite is the all new haunted house at Busch Gardens Williamsburg for 2017. The most interesting thing about the house is that it will use Curse of Darkastle as it’s setting. The park has used defunct rides before, such as Europe in the air, as their haunted house. They’ve never used a working ride, and they’ve never used the ride itself. While the ride vehicles will not be used, and the current story and effects are not going to be used, the pathway, the effects and everything in the building will be used. You’ll walk the ride path, and be haunted by special effects, video screens and more.


Here’s a video released on Facebook by Busch Gardens Williamsburg with more about the attraction:


Obviously this means that Darkastle will be closed during Howl O  Scream (at least we think it will be), and it also means that some pretty extensive work will have to be done after the season ends to bring it back to all of it’s spooky gory.

Still, what an amazing idea for a haunted house!


The park will also have a special Passholder preview night a few nights before the event. Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Williamsburg runs from September 23rd through October 29th on select nights.



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